"After I came back from my first professional season with the Miami Marlins, my diet was not the best and I weighed more than I normally do. I met with Emilie in September '17 to start a diet plan for myself and to set goals for the offseason. These goals included: getting to and maintaining a weight of 190 pounds, decreasing my body fat to 18%, and eating healthy with enough protein, carbs, fat, fruits, and vegetables. Emilie sat down with me to create a detailed diet plan so I could stay in shape during the offseason, and bring my diet back with me during the season. Now in early December '17 my workouts are in full effect and I have never felt better. I have reached my goals already with weight and body fat, I have more energy during my workouts, and I’m seeing more potential then I ever did before because of Emilie."

"I was referred to Emilie through a friend who has been using a meal plan provided by her and saw huge changes. I wasn’t eating as healthy as I should have been, so I talked to Emilie and she set me up with a meal plan. The meal plan was so easy to follow and very informative. I started following it and saw a huge change in my attitude, energy levels, and more! Emilie was great because she constantly checked in with me to see how I was doing and if I needed any advice or help with anything. I highly recommend her as your dietitian!"

"The idea of changing my eating habits was intimidating, but Emilie created a plan that allowed me to work my way into my new lifestyle change. She has been extremely accommodating and continues to check in on me frequently to adapt the plan to reflect any necessary changes. I have seen results already and can’t wait to continue to work with Emilie towards my goals!"

There are many wonderful things to say about Emilie Burgess. We met at UConn and have been wonderful friends ever since. Not only is she a loyal friend but a loyal registered dietitian as well. I inquired about her services when I realized that my protein intake was low and needed a diet makeover. Emilie knows how busy I am as a registered nurse and graduate student, I can not say enough about her patience. She took all of my preferences into account and tailored a meal plan to include foods I like. During the week she would frequently check in to see how my meals were going. Throughout the lifestyle change I felt supported and encouraged. Emilie made this experience fun, exciting and achievable. Her passion for health and wellness are clearly evident and she practices what she preaches! I highly recommended her services to all. 

As someone who has never been able to stick with any real "diet" before, I was skeptical at first that Emilie's meal plan would be any different for me. Unlike any pre-designed diet plan though, Emilie asked me questions about foods I like and don't like in order to create the easiest possible plan for me to stick to. She asked about my exercise habits too in order to get the bigger picture about my nutritional needs. I lost half an inch around my belly within the first two weeks of Emilie's custom-made meal plan! It has been easy to follow since she has incorporated so many foods that I'm excited about eating. I don't even really feel like I'm on a diet at all, but rather just experimenting with new, healthier meal idea based on the foods I know I already enjoy! Emilie even gave me a list of party tips (appetizers are my weakness!) to help me still be successful in tough situations and she checks in on me regularly. I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of a wellness boost!